Top Reasons to Hire Professional Back Bay Electrical Services

Whenever you make changes, upgrades, or perform remodeling work on your home, you should hire a professional to take care of all your commercial electrical services. A contractor who is licensed, certified, and insured to perform upgrades to electrical wiring, install new electrical outlets or fixtures, and offer emergency repairs in Back Bay for homeowners and property owners, has many advantages over simply hiring a general contractor. Anytime you have specialized work that needs to be done, you should hire a specialized contractor.

M Foley Electric provides quality residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work in the Greater Boston area. We offer a variety of services for new construction and existing structures, including low-voltage installations, security cameras, voice and data technology, and fire protection. Emergency services are also available for Back Bay electrical services to help protect your family and your investment. It is important to hire reliable, trusted contractors to take care of essential systems installations, repairs, and upgrades. We are fully licensed and insured to meet all of your residential and commercial electrical services needs.

Reason #1 – Quality Results
When you hire a professional contractor to do any work on your home or commercial property, the results that you get will be far superior to anything that you might get from a maintenance crew member or handyman service. This is especially true when it comes to a project that requires an upgrade of electrical wiring or emergency repairs in Back Bay that involve electrical work. Our crew members undergo years of training and are properly licensed and insured with Massachusetts to provide quality Back Bay electrical services to every client that we serve. When you work with a professionally-trained expert for your residential or commercial electrical services, you will always get quality results.

Reason #2 – Code Compliance
There are certain standards and regulations for electrical work as required by the federal, state, and local governments. When you hire a professional electrician to take care of emergency repairs, remodeling, renovations and all other upgrades to electrical wiring, you can rest assured that the work will be done up to code. All of the proper permits, insurance, and compliance will be taken care of for you by the Back Bay electrical services provided by M Foley Electric on your behalf. When you hire an unlicensed contractor to take care of even minor electrical repairs, you don’t have the guarantee that the work is being done according to code. Even small infractions on code violations can result in hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in emergency repairs for residential and commercial electrical services.

Reason #3 – Safety & Security
How much is it worth to save a few dollars by hiring a general contractor to upgrade electrical wiring or make repairs if you end up having to spend a lot more to replace the shoddy work that was done? The safety of everyone in your home, office, store or warehouse could be compromised by poor quality services by an unlicensed contractor. Hiring professional commercial electrical services means knowing that your assets, family, friends, employees, and tenants are safe and secure when they are in your building. This is one area of your remodeling or construction project where you should never compromise. Not only will you get a solid return on your investment by hiring professional Back Bay electrical services, but you get the peace of mind in knowing that it was done right.

Reason #4 – Insured & Protected
When hiring contractors to perform services for residential and commercial electrical services, insurance is a good thing. It is important to hire a professional electrician who has liability insurance, as it will protect you if injuries occur on the job site or if your property becomes damaged due to the work that is being done. Insurance can also protect you if the contractor doesn’t finish the work or if the work has been done isn’t up to code compliance. Always ask to see the contractor’s insurance information and keep a copy just in case you need it at any time during installation or emergency repairs in Back Bay.

Reason #5 – Reliable
It is important to hire a service to upgrade electrical wiring or make electrical installations that are reliable and trustworthy. You want to know that the work that is being done has been installed properly and that it will last for many years to come. You don’t want to have to turn around and reinstall or provide expensive maintenance to electrical systems that were recently installed after just a few years. Ask for references and check them out before you hire any residential or commercial Back Bay electrical services for your property.

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