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Top 6 Reasons Why Breakers Trip: Boston Electrical Services

Why Breakers Trip in Boston

You might not even realize that your home requires electrical repair services until your power breaker trips. So you go outside or in the basement and re-set it. You go back to what you were doing, and it trips again. Now it’s time to contact a reputable residential electrical service company and get to the…

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Home Security: Can Your South Shore Home Pass a Security Test?

South Shore Home Security Test

What makes a home secure? Statistics reveal that a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. It is important to work with professional services to ensure that your home is secure. While most people might immediately think about ordering a home security system, there are other things that you can also do…

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Outdoor Security Lighting: New Back Bay System Installation

Outdoor Security Lighting in Back Bay

Like a lot of other property improvements, there are plenty of videos and online instructions that will lead you to believe that you can do your own security system installation. Whether you are installing residential security cameras and lighting or commercial security in Back Bay, it pays to hire professional electrician services. Sure, it will…

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North Shore Homeowners: How to Properly Use a Power Strip

How to Use North Shore Power Strips

While most homeowners have used a power strip or extension cord at one time or another, few are aware of the dangers associated with using them incorrectly. Today’s households have more electronics than ever, requiring more outlet space than most homes provide. As a result, many homeowners rely on power strips and extension cords on…

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Newton Outdoor Lighting: Take Landscaping to the Next Level

Newton Outdoor Lighting Upgrade

One of the most noticeable home improvements that you can make is landscaping lighting installation. Whether you upgrade the front yard or enhance an outdoor living space in the backyard, it pays to work with a professional electrician in Newton. While some outdoor lighting can be installed by the homeowner, such as individual solar options,…

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Garage Power Updates: Update Electrical Wiring in South Shore

Garage Power and Lighting Updates in South Shore

Whether your goal is to replace old fixtures that are outdated and potentially hazardous or if you want to make upgrades to make better use of the space, M Foley Electric can help. It is important to hire a South Shore electrician who has years of experience providing quality residential electrical services in your area.…

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Install an Electric Car Port at a Back Bay Home or Business

Electric Car Port in Back Bay

Purchasing an electric car also means having a place to charge your vehicle at your home. While there may be local charging stations in your area or even near your place of work, it is essential to have one you can use every day. It is a good idea to hire a Back Bay electrician…

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Dead “Zombie” Outlets: Updating Electrical Outlets in Newton

Electrical Outlet Updates in Newton

Do you have outlets in your home that just don’t work? Sometimes just the top outlet works and the bottom one doesn’t, or perhaps only one outlet in an entire room is working. Electricians call those “dead” outlets, but the truth is that they are more like zombies. In old legends and Hollywood movies, zombies…

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Commercial Services: Prevent Electrical Fires in Wellesley

Prevent Electrical Fires Wellesley

In just a few minutes, a commercial electrical fire can change everything. Whether your commercial property is for retail, office space, or residential rentals, an electrical fire can result in a devastating loss for everyone involved. The good news is that there are things you can do as a property owner to prevent electrical fires.…

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Boston Home Improvements: New Outdoor Lighting for Your Grill

Boston Outdoor Lighting for Grill

If you’re going to celebrate the good weather with a barbecue, why not do it right? It can be frustrating to use clip-on lighting for your grill area so you can keep cooking on those late summer nights. And trying to prepare food by the porch light is never anyone’s idea of fun. Why not…

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