Residential Electric: Safety-Proofing Outlets in South Shore

While there are hundreds of different products on the market designed to help with safety-proofing a home for babies, kids, and pets, your best bet is to hire a South Shore electrician to make sure that your safety-proofing is 100 percent fool-proof to keep everyone in your household safe. Residential electrical services are even more important than keeping kids and pets out of household cleaners and toxic chemicals. Whether your home is brand new or recently renovated, it is important to know that there are new federal requirements about safety for electrical receptacles AKA outlets. Because they are low to the ground where babies, kids, and pets can easily access them, outlets are the number one concern for parents with a new “rugrat” in the house.

Tamper-Resistant Outlets
The National Electrical Code or NEC now makes it mandatory for all newly-built homes and residential renovation projects to replace any old receptacles with tamper-resistant electrical outlets. However, even if you don’t have a brand new home and you aren’t planning on a major renovation, it is still a good idea to consider upgrading to the new tamper-resistant outlets with the help of professional South Shore electrical services. These outlets prevent children from being able to electrocute themselves by inserting foreign objects into the slots of the outlet. Unlike all of the “baby-proof” products that you can buy online or in home improvement stores, these are truly resistant to tampering by a child or a pet.

The way that these outlets work is that they have doors or shutters inside of the slots that stay closed unless there is equal pressure for all of the slots to open, such as when a plug is being plugged in for use. If a child sticks a toy, stick, or even a little finger into the slot, the doors will remain closed. For best results, hire a South Shore electrician to install these tamper-resistant outlets for you. Even if you don’t have children, it will increase the value of your home, prevent you from having to upgrade them in the future if you are doing other renovations, and will protect any pets or visitors that you have come into your home.

Child Electrocutions in America
One study published by the National Fire Protection Association revealed that electrical receptacles were responsible for severe shocks and burns in over 2,400 children nationwide. Children will poke just about anything into outlets, including toys, keys, popsicle sticks, sucker sticks, and anything they can get their little hands on when no one is looking. Sadly, approximately twelve children die each year due to residential electrical injuries. While most parents are very careful and do everything they can to prevent electrical dangers, children are smart and quick, eventually figuring out most protective measures in a short amount of time.

Your best bet is to work with local residential and commercial contractor services to determine the risk associated with your home’s receptacles. Get an inspection and find out just how dangerous your home’s outlets could be to pets, kids, and babies. Upgrade to tamper-resistant outlets whenever possible or at least consider taking multiple measures to prevent children from accessing outlets unsupervised. Baby-proofing tools, such as electrical outlet caps, electrical outlet covers or safe plates, and safe plate slide covers are some of the best and simplest tools on the market. Some will come standard in a baby-proofing kit, while others may be a special order or can be available at local home improvement stores.

Contact M. Foley Electric for Safety-Proofing Services
While there are lots of options for things like plug strips, extension cords and even for outlets that have things plugged into them that are designed to help keep babies, kids, and pets away from the electricity, it is still important to consult with South Shore electrical services to make sure that your home’s electrical system is safe. Electrical wiring, outlets, appliances, fixtures, and lots of other electrical solutions can pose a safety hazard if they are not properly installed and maintained. Consider contacting our team to take a look at your residential electrical system to perform a comprehensive inspection. Even brand new homes can benefit from residential and commercial contractor services to ensure that everything is installed properly and working as it should. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 and speak with one of our technicians about scheduling an appointment in your home. We can even provide you with a FREE estimate for any of the services that we provide.