North Shore Fire Alarm Monitoring: Commercial or Residential

When it comes to the installation and set-up of a professional fire protection system for either commercial or residential services, it pays to hire a North Shore electrician to get the job done right. In fact, the best of both worlds is when you can find a reliable and trusted alarm company to work with your preferred North Shore electrical services provider. There’s no point in having a fire alarm if you don’t have fire alarm monitoring services to go with it. When alarm companies and local electricians work together, the results can be even more impressive than if either of them did the work alone.

The Importance of Electrical Services
When it comes to the installation of fire protection systems, it is important to work with experienced electricians to get the job done right. Did you know that electrical contractors are used in 100 percent of all commercial and residential projects? That means North Shore electrical services has much more experience in working with commercial and residential clients than any alarm industry service, which is only found in a fraction of those structures. As a result, many fire alarm companies will also hire a North Shore electrician to come in and complete the installation for fire alarm monitoring systems.

In fact, most states also require those who install fire protection system hardware to be certified and licensed in that state for installations. While not all electricians are certified and licensed for these types of commercial or residential services, M Foley Electric has a crew that can provide you with fire alarm monitoring installation that will meet or exceed your expectations. Homeowners and commercial property owners can request to have a certified electrician complete the installation instead of relying on the alarm company to do the installation for them. For many, the peace of mind that comes with having professional North Shore electrical services do the installation is worth the extra step.

New Construction Services
When it comes to a home or business fire protection system installation, there are many benefits to working with an electrician for commercial and residential services. Your local North Shore electrical services will already be there to install the wiring before the alarm company even arrives, so there’s no reason not to have them prepare the wiring to integrate the fire alarm monitoring system in with the rest of the electrical system from the very beginning. It is important to note that not all electrical services in the Greater Boston area will be trained and certified to install a fire protection system, so it pays to do your homework before deciding to hire a North Shore electrician to do the electrical work on your new construction project. Make sure they can offer all of the services you require.

Also, there are lots of features that your basic alarm system company cannot install on their own that requires the services of a professional electrician. At M Foley Electric, our electricians are licensed and certified to troubleshoot existing fire protection systems for single family homes, multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. They can also find custom solutions for any problems that could pose a potential fire hazard to increase the overall safety of the structure. Some typical areas where these problems occur include extra-low voltage single path circuits, electrotechnology components, local area networks (LAN) for businesses, and frequency dependent circuits. The comprehensive North Shore electrical services available through M Foley Electric make it a very valuable resource for any new construction or renovation project.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Installations in North Shore
Property owners or managers who require the installation of fire protection system hardware should contact M Foley Electric for commercial and residential services. Our crew of highly trained and experienced electricians can provide a broad range of services relating to fire alarm monitoring installations, ongoing maintenance, and servicing. We also offer other a variety of other professional services for new construction and renovation projects. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 to schedule an estimate or to get a consultation with our team before you hire a professional North Shore electrician for your commercial building or residential property.