Newton Electrical Services: Light Bulbs Burning Out Too Early?

Have you noticed that you have to replace your light bulbs more frequently? Do they burn out just after a few weeks or months? The average incandescent light bulb should last approximately 900 hours. Studies show that the average usage for most bulbs is about eight hours a day. Assuming normal usage, your bulbs should last you around four months. Longer lasting light bulbs that promise annual replacement with average use should last even longer. But if you have noticed that you are replacing your light bulbs, either in overhead fixtures, outdoor lighting solutions, or lamps, it might not be the light bulb that is the problem, but the fixture itself.

Depending on where the fixture is located, it might be time to upgrade electrical wiring or replace bad electrical outlets. Either way, your best bet is to contact a professional electrician in Newton, Massachusetts to ensure the safety of your structure. Any electrical issues could be a sign of larger problems at work, so it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have recently replaced light bulbs that have quickly burned out, it is time to consider some of the possible issues that could be contributing to this phenomenon so that they can be repaired. Fixture vibrations, high voltage, loose connections, there are lots of reasons why you might be experiencing light bulbs that burn out too early.

High Voltage
One of the most common causes of early light bulb replacement is that the voltage supply to your residential or commercial property is too great. Because the flow of energy is higher than it should be, bulbs will typically burn bright and, as a result, burn out much faster than they should. This can be checked by using a volt meter in an outlet, fixture point, or at the electrical service panel. You should contact Newton electrical services to take care of this inspection for you, especially if the fixture in question is in a difficult spot or if you see this happen in more than one place.

Non-Working Bulbs
So you replaced the light bulb that went out, but now the new one won’t work either. The chances are good that this type of outage has nothing to do with the light bulb itself and more of a need to upgrade electrical wiring, either within the walls or in the fixture itself. Make sure the fixture is properly connected and check the cord to ensure that it has not become damaged. There could also be issues with the outlet that the fixture is plugged into, which could require you to replace bad electrical outlets. Never try to tape or repair a cord that has become damaged or switch out a defective outlet on your own. Contact a professional electrician in Newton, MA to take care of the work to ensure safety for everyone involved.

Flickering Bulbs
Another common issue with light bulbs is the bulb that flickers on and off when in use. If the bulb is loose inside of the socket, this can cause the light to flicker on and off. If you can tighten the bulb and correct the problem, you won’t require Newton electrical services. However, if tightening the bulb does not make a difference, it could mean that the contacts are worn or corroded, requiring the socket to be changed. You may also need to upgrade electrical wiring if the voltage supply is not adequate to the fixture. Contact a professional electrician in Massachusetts to make sure everything is working as it should.

Overheated or “Burned” Bulbs
If you notice that the bulb appears to look “burned” when you take it out to replace it, or if the light bulb is extremely hot when you go to take it out, this could be a sign that the wattage of the bulb itself is too high for the fixture. On the side of the fixture, there should be a label that tells you the maximum wattage of bulb that can be used safely. While larger bulbs will still fit inside the socket, it is the wattage that is too high and could result in bulbs that blow out sooner than they should. This is a very dangerous situation, which could also pose a potential fire hazard. The bulb will cause excessive heat, which can cause the entire fixture to overheat. Make sure you are using the right size of light bulb to avoid this common issue.

Contact Newton Electrical Services Right Away
If you are experiencing light bulbs that need to be replaced much more frequently than they should, contact a professional electrician in Newton and the surrounding area right away. Our team of highly trained technicians can help to diagnose the problem and can help you upgrade electrical wiring, faulty fixtures, replace bad electrical outlets, or provide you with advice that can reduce risks associated with the lighting fixture or fixtures in question. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 and schedule an appointment to have your electrical fixtures inspected by a licensed and experienced electrician.