Newton Electrical Services: Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Commercial properties often require the services of a professional electrician in Newton to assist with new construction, repairs, renovations, and installation of more modern technology or equipment. Fire alarm installation is a very specialized service that must be performed by local Newton electrical services that are certified in this type of work. In other words, not just any electrician can do it. It takes professional electrical services for commercial fire alarm installation that can guarantee that the work is being done according to fire safety regulations.

Because the primary goal of any good fire alarm system is to help reduce the financial losses associated with property damage and loss of life, as the result of a fire. Commercial properties throughout Newton, Massachusetts and the Greater Boston area are required to have professional fire alarm installation and fire system monitoring to be compliant with safety code regulations. Technology advances to fire alarm system and electrical services for commercial properties mean that from time to time these systems must be upgraded to meet the new safety standards.

Choosing a Qualified Electrician
When you start contacting vendors about fire alarm installation, make sure to ask first whether they are certified for these types of electrical services for commercial properties. Many business owners think that the only professionals who can do this type of service are authorized to fire alarm companies. However, any certified team of professional electricians in Newton and the surrounding area are qualified to do installations of fire alarm systems and their components. It is important to choose an electrician or service provider that you can trust to install such an essential system properly. This is not the type of installation that you can leave up to chance.

Consider getting recommendations from colleagues, local business and property owners in the area. This is a great way to find out which Newton electrical services are best. You could also get referrals from other contractors, individuals who have worked with the service provider before on other jobs. This can give you great insight into who other contractors trust to do such an important type of work. M Foley Electric has been providing top quality electrical services to commercial and residential clients in the Greater Boston area for over 15 years. You can count on our team of experienced, licensed, and certified electricians to get the job done right.

What’s at Stake
While it is important to hire a quality service provider no matter what type of job you are doing, it is even more crucial when it comes to fire safety. Fire alarm installation must be performed by an electrician who has received specific training for these types of Newton electrical services and holds a certificate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The two primary parts of any good fire alarm installation system include detection and notification. You don’t want a system that just has an alarm, but doesn’t contact 9-1-1 or shoot out a phone call to the property owner. You need a comprehensive system that will warn everyone in the building to get out while contacting the proper authorities to help save the building and all of the assets in it.

Fire Protection Services at M Foley Electric
We consider our fire protection services to be one of the most important types of electrical services for commercial clients that we provide. It has the potential to be life-saving, and it helps our customers protect their businesses. Our offering of Newton electrical services for fire alarm installation extends to set-up, testing, inspection, repair, and required ongoing maintenance for the entire fire protection system. Our team of professional electricians in Newton are licensed and certified to troubleshoot your system, install brand new equipment, find solutions for electrical issues, and even provide documentation for regulatory compliance.

So whether your goal is to inspect or upgrade your existing fire alarm installation at a commercial property in Newton, MA or the surrounding area, or if you need to do a first-time installation of fire protection systems for brand new construction, you can count on M Foley Electric to get the job done right. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 to request any of our electrical services for commercial or residential properties in the Greater Boston area.