Install an Electric Car Port at a Back Bay Home or Business

Electric Car Port in Back BayPurchasing an electric car also means having a place to charge your vehicle at your home. While there may be local charging stations in your area or even near your place of work, it is essential to have one you can use every day. It is a good idea to hire a Back Bay electrician to install an electric car port that will provide you with the charging your new vehicle requires. Electric cars are a fast-growing trend, so it is not just a necessity, but an investment in the future value of your home. That’s why hiring professional electrician services matters. When it comes time to sell your property one day, you will want to sell the electric car port as a feature.

Experience Matters

When it comes time to hire Back Bay electrical services, you can’t call out just any electrician. You will want to hire an electrical service company in Back Bay that has experience with electrical wiring services for an electric car port. Electric car charger home installation is a relatively new type of service. Depending on your situation, professional electrician services can help you get set up to start charging your car every night when you get home. Even if you have done the research about what an electric car requires for proper charging, there are still things that you will need to learn about how, when and where to plug-in your vehicle.

The learning curve associated with installing an electric car port is something that must be considered. If you want a top quality installation that will provide you with the type of electrical charge that your new car requires, you will want to work with a pro. While there are a lot of DIY videos online, electrical work is not something that you want to chance. Some electric car companies are now also offering electrician referral services. You will want to work with an experienced electrical service company in Back Bay who has a proven track record of working with the unique homes and challenges in this area.

Three Types of Electric Car Charging

One thing that you might not be aware of is that there are different types of electric car chargers. You need to ensure that the one your Back Bay electrical services install is right for you. The electrical charging cord that comes with your new electric card will reveal the type of charging system that you require. Always check your owner’s manual and make sure to go over the information about your new vehicle when you hire a Back Bay electrician.

  • LEVEL ONE (120-volt) – This is the slowest type of charging available for electric cars. It is most successful for hybrids that have battery packs in the 4-18 kilowatt-hours range. Even then, it will still take several hours or overnight to do a full charge. The charging cord that came with your vehicle features a three-prong plug for proper grounding. There is another connector that goes into your car’s charging port. When you plug the cord into the outlet, the cord will actually “test” the circuit to ensure proper grounding. It will also check to make sure that the current has enough strength to power the charger. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, there may be colored lights to indicate that the car is charging properly.
  • LEVEL TWO (240-volt) – Most of the dedicated chargers installed in homes and at public charging stations offer 240-volt charging. To get an idea of what is required for a Level Two charging station in your home, it requires the same type of electrical wiring services that you need to install for an electric clothes dryer or stove. This type of charge is twice as fast as the Level One charge option, as it offers twice the amount of volts in the current. This type of connection should be connected to a dedicated 50-amp circuit. However, for future charging needs, you might want to ask your Back Bay electrical services about installing a 60-amp circuit instead. Most battery-electric cars will require a Level Two charging station.
  • DC Fast Charging – Sometimes referred to as “Level Three” charging, this is actually a different type of charging method. Instead of the typical household alternating current (AC), it uses the direct current (DC) for a fast charge. As a result of the specialty wiring required to install DC Fast Charging, only public sites that are dedicated to providing DC charging have these dedicated high-power lines. NOTE: If you are an owner of an apartment or condominium complex, or if you own another type of commercial property or business, you might want to consult with an electrical service company in Back Bay to see about installing one for your residents. It is a feature that will be in demand in the future, and it could give you an edge over other properties in the area.

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