Hiring Electrical Services for Commercial Solar Installation

Solar energy is no longer considered a trend, but a valid way for commercial properties to reduce energy costs. Electrical services for commercial solar ensure that the investment you make in solar panels and related equipment will provide you with a guaranteed return on your investment. Commercial solar installation should be done by a licensed and certified electrician, never as a DIY project for the building maintenance crew or property owner. If your goal is to truly reap the rewards from a solar install in Back Bay or anywhere else in the Greater Boston area, it is important to hire a professionally trained and experienced electrician.

Maximize Your Rewards
The best way to get results from commercial solar solutions is to purchase quality equipment and use local Back Bay professional installation with a trusted provider. Many businesses are learning how to effectively cut costs associated with energy consumption, reduce their overall carbon footprint, take advantage of government incentives, and improve the technology used for electrical services in commercial structures. Even buildings that were built just a decade ago could benefit from upgrades made through a solar install in Back Bay.

Some of the rewards associated with solar solutions include:

  • energy independence – while you might not get fully “off the grid” you can make big strides toward not depending fully on the local utility companies for your resources
  • financial savings – you can cut overhead costs associated with monthly utility bills and get some great bonuses through government incentives
  • increased value – by simply adding a commercial solar installation for your Back Bay commercial property, you will further increase the value of the building and make it easier to sell in the future
  • environmental benefits – if you have concerns about becoming more energy efficient and less dependent on fossil fuels as a means of benefiting the environment, then commercial solar solutions are right for you

Long-Lasting, Professional Results
When you purchase the solar panels and other equipment necessary for commercial solar installation, this investment should last you 25 to 30 years on average. You should never go “cheap” by hiring a general contractor or fly-by-night solar company to take care of your Back Bay professional installation. When you hire a crew that is licensed, certified, and trained to handle solar installs in Back Bay and the surrounding Greater Boston area, you can rest assured that everything is being done properly and that the installation will last as long as the equipment.

If you hire the “cheap bid” from a non-licensed, non-trained contractor, you might save a couple of hundred bucks at the beginning, but will ultimately end up having to hire professional electrical services for commercial properties to come back out and repair the damage. Start out by hiring an electrician who specializes in solar installations. You don’t want to hire that guy who says he “saw it done once” and then proceeds to impart that “wisdom” on your property. A trained and insured electrician who has experience working with commercial solar installations is the way to go.

Ongoing Maintenance & Servicing
Another sign of a quality electrician for Back Bay professional installation of commercial solar solutions is the option to add ongoing maintenance and servicing. You want a crew that will back up the work that they have done through electrical services for commercial properties by offering ongoing services for maintenance and regular inspections. Whether you need a custom design for commercial solar installation or if you just need a simple install, it is important to hire a company that will provide you with worry-free quality workmanship for all of your future system upgrades and replacements. Ask about same day emergency services for repairs and urgent situations so you will know ahead of time the kind of services that you can expect.

Contact M Foley Electric for Commercial Solar Solutions
If you are in the market for Back Bay professional installation of quality solar solutions, make sure to contact M Foley Electric for a FREE estimate. Our crew provides a broad range of commercial solar installation services, as well as other commercial electrical services and installations. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 to learn more about the options available for solar install in Back Bay and the surrounding Greater Boston area.