Greater Boston Electrician: When to Get Bucket Truck Services

Commercial property owners and managers will often require the services of Boston commercial maintenance and repair from a qualified, professional electrician. One of the most essential services used to assist with everything from electrical sign installation to parking lot light repairs, preventive maintenance, and pole transformer work is our bucket truck services. Whenever you need work to be done that is above normal ladder working height, you can count on M Foley Electric. Our bucket truck services can accommodate a variety of height needs for aerial maintenance and installation in the Greater Boston area.

Parking Lot Lighting
One of the most common uses of bucket truck services includes Greater Boston commercial maintenance for parking lot lighting. This can be for office buildings, retail shopping centers, apartment complexes, and municipalities. Servicing and maintaining parking lot lighting systems is important for the safety and security of tenants, employees, residents, and visitors. Most maintenance teams simply don’t have the ability to reach tall parking lot light poles, which is why they will often hire a Boston electrician to come out with a bucket truck.

Electrical Sign Installation
In addition to parking lot lighting, electrical sign installation is extremely important to the success of your commercial property. Proper signage lets people know who you are, where you are located, and whether or not you are open. If you have a sign that burns out frequently or need a sign that will better reflect your brand, you can count on Greater Boston commercial maintenance services from M Foley Electric. We can come out to your property and take care of electrical sign installation with our bucket truck services, effectively reaching your sign at just about any height. Our team of experienced and licensed electricians will ensure that everything is working properly, providing you with long-lasting great looks and performance.

Emergency Services
Another prime use of bucket truck services is in an emergency situation. Commercial businesses will often hire a Boston electrician to come out and troubleshoot or repair electrical outages. These problems can be caused by bad weather, such as lightning, heavy rainfall, hail, or snow, as well as accidents that have occurred on-site. For example, if someone were to hit your electrical sign installation with a semi-truck or if a tree fell and knocked out your power lines, you would need bucket truck services to address the problem properly. High voltage line services for commercial, industrial and municipal clients, as well as healthcare facilities, government agencies, and academic campuses can be performed by qualified Greater Boston commercial maintenance providers.

Fuses & Switches
Another common use of these services is for changing out blown fuses and switches that are located up high where they can’t be reached with a simple ladder. Bucket truck services are performed by highly trained, experienced, and certified electricians who have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. Preventive maintenance can also be performed using a bucket truck, as well as servicing and repairs to pole transformers, capacitors, and substation maintenance. Other related electrical services can include work to switchboards, generators and other standby power sources, transformer repair, and much more. Bucket truck services are an important part of Greater Boston commercial maintenance and can be used to change a single light or complete a major installation.

Other Bucket Truck Services
In addition to the major services mentioned already, including electrical sign installation and energency repairs, bucket truck services can also be used for other contractor electrical services. Lamp inspections, ballast replacement and repair, time clock adjustments and programming, lighting and electrical system custom designs, new commercial build services, banner installation, security installation and monitoring, aerial maintenance and electrical troubleshooting – these are just some of the many projects and jobs completed by bucket truck servies in Massachusetts.

Contact M Foley Electric
If you are looking to hire a Boston electrician to assist with electrical sign installation, parking lot lighting, electrical system designs, or any of the other services mentioned above, look no further than M Foley Electric. For over 15 years our crew has provided top quality electrical Boston commercial maintenance and installation services throughout the Greater Boston area. We service Boston, Newton, Watertown, Wellesley, South Shore, and North Shore. Just give us a call at 857-829-0516 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our emergency services.