Dead “Zombie” Outlets: Updating Electrical Outlets in Newton

Electrical Outlet Updates in NewtonDo you have outlets in your home that just don’t work? Sometimes just the top outlet works and the bottom one doesn’t, or perhaps only one outlet in an entire room is working. Electricians call those “dead” outlets, but the truth is that they are more like zombies. In old legends and Hollywood movies, zombies are the “undead” folks that are technically not living, yet are somehow still active and putting everyone else in danger. Dead outlets do the same thing. While they won’t power a lamp, laptop, or phone charger, electrical fire hazards are lurking just under the surface. Your best bet is to call a professional electrician in Newton to inspect any suspect outlets or fixtures.

Signs of Zombie Outlets

Some bad outlets might still be functioning, making them more difficult to spot than a dead or non-working outlet. You should replace bad electrical outlets whenever you spot them and consider calling a professional electrician in Newton to update electrical wiring if multiple issues are occurring. If you are doing a remodeling project in your home, it pays to bring in an electrician to check the status of your internal wiring. A kitchen or bathroom electrical remodel will add value to your home and enhance the performance of power throughout these spaces.

Signs that you need to replace bad electrical outlets include:

  • faceplate – check the faceplate to see if it is cracked, chipped, or broken in any way; this may seem cosmetic, but it can allow for dangerous electrical arcing if not replaced
  • loose slots – do your plugs fall out after you plug them in? it could be a sign of loose receptacles, which is a common cause of electrical fires in residential properties
  • warm outlets – if your outlet cover feels warm to the touch or if you see that the cover has become darkened or is charred-looking, this is an emergency; flip off the circuit breaker to that outlet and contact a trusted electrician right away
  • electric shocks – outlets that produce shocks when something is plugged in or unplugged could be a sign of trouble; either the appliance you are using has an issue, or the outlet needs to be replaced, or you might need to update electrical wiring
  • not working – when you have a dead outlet, either one or both, attempt to reset the breaker or GFCI device, if available; if this does not fix the problem, the outlet can be checked with an outlet tester; contact a professional electrician in Newton right away

Other Reasons to Upgrade Electrical Wiring

Sometimes outlet failure isn’t the only sign that professional services are needed. You should replace bad electrical outlets, such as non-grounded outlets with only two slots. The safer type of outlet has two slots, and the third hole is for grounding. This will protect you and your family from potential shocks and other hazards. Do not attempt to replace an ungrounded receptacle yourself with the grounded three-prong type. This requires the services of a professional electrician to update electrical wiring.

If you are doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, consider hiring an electrician to replace bad electrical outlets. Any outlets that are near water, such as kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spas, wet bars, or areas where dampness occurs for one reason or another, should be replaced with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. A kitchen or bathroom electrical remodel isn’t just a smart decision as a homeowner for the safety of your family, but it increases value in your home for a future sale.

Call M Foley Electric to Replace Zombie Outlets

If you have electrical zombies in your home, make sure to contact a professional electrician in Newton to take care of it for you. Whether it’s time to replace bad electrical outlets or update electrical wiring, our team can help you to achieve your goals. We can assist with contract work for a kitchen or bathroom electrical remodel, as well as provide with outdoor landscape lighting, security lighting, and other electrical upgrades. Call today at 1-857-829-0516 and get a FREE estimate on any of the professional electrical services we offer in the Greater Boston area.