One of the best ways to prevent retail theft is through the use of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) monitors throughout your establishment. Not only are CCTV cameras a deterrent that can prevent some shoplifting crimes and outright thefts from happening in the first place, but they are also an excellent weapon when it comes time to prosecute offenders that get caught stealing. Electrical services for commercial businesses play an important role in security system installation. In fact, you should only rely on a professional, licensed, and certified electrician to do your commercial CCTV install. Because so much is riding on your commercial security in Back Bay and the ability of your security team to use the CCTV cameras to their advantage, you need to know that the system was installed properly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and local, state and federal code.

CCTV for Loss Prevention
Video surveillance is one of the most important tools used by modern security teams to provide loss prevention for retail businesses. A commercial CCTV install must be designed with thieves in-mind, having an understanding of the best locations to do the security system installation to catch the would-be thieves in action. No matter how secure you think your store is right now, it can always be improved upon through the use of commercial security in Back Bay. It is in your best interest to hire professional electrical services for commercial security systems to make sure everything is working as it should. So whether you already have a CCTV system in place or if you are just thinking about installing one in the future, it pays to work with a pro to maximize the abilities of your security system to prevent theft.

  • Which Camera Locations are a Priority? – Start by identifying which commercial CCTV install cameras are the most important. You will never be able to cover every single square inch of the store, so it pays to think strategically. Consider the layout of the store, the entrances, and exits, where the high-value items are located, and which items get stolen most often within the industry. Work with your electrician to maximize your security system installation with these locations and goals in mind.
  • All the Right Angles – Another thing to consider when installing commercial security in Back Bay is the angle that the camera will get when it is operating. Some cameras might be great at night, but could be affected by the sunlight during the day. Other cameras might be pointing the right way, but could lose coverage due to a marketing display or regular movements of employees. So it is important not to just think of where you need coverage, but the angle at which the coverage will be provided, to truly maximize the coverage of your commercial CCTV install.
  • The Best Equipment – How old is your security system installation? Even if it is just a few years old, the chances are good that you could stand to upgrade your commercial security in Back Bay. Older systems are more well-known by thieves who study CCTV systems for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Make sure you have the right type of camera that will provide the coverage you need, regardless of the lighting or location. Consider upgrading your security system installation if it is more than five years old or if you are having difficulty capturing images around the property location.

What M Foley Electric Can Do for You
If you own a retail or another type of consumer-based commercial business in the Greater Boston area, then you should contact M Foley Electric to get electrical services for commercial businesses. Whether you require a security system installation or an upgrade to your existing commercial CCTV install, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Our team of professional electricians have the tools, the equipment, the knowledge, and the experience to provide you with electrical services and commercial security in Back Bay that will meet or exceed your expectations.

We can assist with the design, installation, and repair of video cameras for security and monitoring purposes. High-tech and low-tech solutions can be used in conjunction with one another to improve your overall security system installation for loss prevention at your facility. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 to get a FREE estimate on your commercial security in Back Bay and the surrounding area for a brand new commercial CCTV install or an upgrade to an existing security system.