Did you know that electrical outlets don’t last forever? We often think of upgrading or replacing the switch covers as we paint or make other improvements to commercial or residential services, but we don’t usually think about having to replace bad electrical outlets themselves unless something goes wrong. However, there are indicators of outlets that need to be replaced that many people miss. This is true both in residential and commercial situations. While you might not need to upgrade electrical wiring, a simple replacement of all the bad outlets could prevent bigger issues from happening that would require more expensive and extensive Back Bay electrical services.

Normal Wear & Tear
You might not realize it, but having to replace bad electrical outlets is not necessarily a sign of abuse or neglect to your property. In fact, the repeated use of these outlets – plugging things in and then unplugging them again, causes normal wear and tear on the outlet, ultimately requiring replacement. It doesn’t cost a lot to replace the outlets, especially when you compare it to service calls for having to upgrade electrical wiring due to not taking care of these outlet issues when they were first discovered. Just like anything else, the longer you go in not making minor repairs, the bigger the problems will be if they are allowed to just continue unchecked and unrepaired. Commercial and residential services from the Back Bay electrical services at M Foley Electric can help you get your bad outlets fixed to protect your home or business.

Signs of Bad Outlets
Just in case you don’t have time to call out a professional electrician to perform an evaluation of all your outlets, here is a list of signs to watch for to determine if your outlets are the problem or if you are in need of other Back Bay electrical services. If you suspect at any time that your wiring isn’t safe or that you need professional help to upgrade electrical wiring for appliances, computers, and other advanced technology, make sure to contact M Foley Electric right away for assistance. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with commercial and residential services for electrical work.

  • EXTENSION CORD USAGE – Do you use extension cords a lot? Are they all over the office or in every room of your home? Why do you use them? Are some outlets not working or are others unable to handle the load of all the things you need to plug-in on a daily basis? Extension cords are meant to be a temporary solution, not a permanent method for providing electricity. If you find that you are using extension cords every day, regardless of the reason, you might require a professional evaluation from our Back Bay electrical services. We can help you find a better way to make the most out of your current outlet set-up, assist with services to replace bad electrical outlets, and upgrade electrical wiring, if needed, to accommodate your increased electrical needs.
  • CRACKS IN PLATES – While you might think that outlet covers are merely an accessory, something that is used to coordinate the look of all the utility access points in a space, the truth is that they serve a more important service. Outlet covers or plates are used to prevent things like hair, dust, lint, and dirt from getting into the outlet. If debris gets into the outlet, it can actually cause a fire. It sort of acts like a kindling to a fireplace or camp fire, helping to get things started. Cracked plates also expose people and pets to the electrical wires, which could lead to a shock or even an explosion.
  • UNGROUNDED OUTLETS – Take a look around at the outlets on the wall. Do they have two prong spaces or three? If there are only two prongs, that means that they are not grounded. Ungrounded outlets can be very dangerous. The three prong outlets have an additional slot for grounding. What this does is provide the electricity with an alternate path that can be used in a surge to prevent it from going to or from the appliance or piece of electrical equipment. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets, which are also sometimes called GFI (ground fault interrupter) or RCD (residual current device) outlets, help to shut off an electrical power circuit if the current flows through an unintended path, such as a person or through the water. These are typically used in bathrooms near sinks and in kitchens. If you do not have GFCI, GFI or RCD outlets in your bathrooms and kitchens, you will want to replace these bad electrical outlets.
  • LOOSE PLUGS – If you find that your plugs fall out of the outlets easily, this can be a sign of a loose connection. The scary thing is that a loose connection can cause something known as arcing, which can be a serious safety hazard. This is a definite sign that outlets need to be replaced by professional Back Bay electrical services.

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