Commercial electrical services are an important part of any renovation work that is done to office buildings. As more companies rely heavily on advanced technology for day-to-day work activities online and collaboratively in the office for voice and data systems, they are in need of upgrades by a qualified electrical service company in Back Bay and the surrounding area. Older buildings, in particular, will require more electrical work for commercial building renovations, but even newer buildings just ten years old or more, many still require professional upgrades through Boston area electrical services.

Some of the reasons why companies decide to upgrade their office building space are to add or increase security, through the use of CCTV video and audio surveillance, or to make improvements to fire safety protection systems. Other offices, as they become more dependent on computers, internet connectivity, and telecommunications services, find that they require updates to existing commercial electrical services just to keep up with the competition. It is good to hire reputable Boston area electrical services for tenant fit outs, retrofit projects, as well as any other type of commercial upgrade that requires electrical work to be included.

Telecommunications: Growing in Importance
However, the biggest reason why most office buildings choose to make commercial building renovations is due to telecommunications. Increased workstations and reliance on Wi-Fi for mobile devices means that many of today’s companies in the local area will need to work with an electrical service company in Back Bay to expand their capabilities. New business systems and telecommunications technologies are being released all the time, so if you are going to upgrade your commercial electrical services, you might as well take this opportunity to get ahead of the curve and install more than you need so you’ll be ready for future advancements.

Boston area electrical services can help you upgrade your existing electrical infrastructure to improve efficiency, connectivity, and reliability. In a world where businesses need to keep up with the competition on every playing field, it is important to have the tools, equipment, and capability not just to catch up, but surpass competitors whenever possible. Some of the popular upgrade requests made by clients for commercial electrical services include the addition of HDMI ports and USB wall outlets, Cat 6 Ethernet ports and dedicated circuits. These options can mean the difference between just keeping up and going above and beyond to become a leader in the business world.

Why Choose Dedicated Circuits?
There are many advantages to hiring an electrical service company in Back Bay to install dedicated circuits. Many of today’s forward thinking businesses require more intensive data and power usage for their daily operations. A dedicated circuit is used to reduce power surges for high-value electronic equipment, such as computer servers, computer workstations, computerized cash registers, and other essential equipment. By separating the various areas of your business, specifically areas that consume a lot more energy and rely on high data usage, it is possible to create a line of dedicated circuits that can be used to provide stable, reliable power quality at all times.

Backup power sources can also be put in these specific areas to protect your systems, equipment and company data in the event of a power surge or another type of emergency situation. Depending on the type of office that you are running and the work that you do, this type of setup with separate dedicated circuits can be used to protect computers, printers, copy machines, and other high-value equipment. This also protects your equipment from damage during a power surge and keeps non-essential appliances, such as a mini fridge or coffee maker, on its own separate line. Unfortunately, many tragic data loss stories start with the use of appliances in the break room wrecking havoc on essential equipment in the office.

Why Hire a Pro?
There are many reasons why you should hire a professional to perform the electrical services for your commercial building renovations. A professional electrical service company in Back Bay can help you to achieve all of your goals with regard to commercial electrical services, whether you are installing a brand new HVAC system, upgrading capacity, working to achieve current code compliance requirements, or add a brand new telecommunications system for voice and data installation. Hiring a professional company with a solid reputation can make all the difference in the return value of your investment and the end results. Contact M Foley Electric for quality Boston area electrical services by calling 857-829-0516.