Back Bay Homeowners: Signs It’s Time to Replace Wall Outlets

Owning a home means taking care of a lot of preventive maintenance. It is important to work with industry professionals who can help you with a wide variety of home maintenance and repair services. Residential and commercial building renovations, as well as emergency repair services, can help you to ensure that your home is working effectively and efficiently while protecting it from potential damage and fire hazards. Older homes, such as the historical houses in the Back Bay community of the Greater Boston area, are often subject to bad wiring, outdated electrical panels, and issues with ungrounded receptacles. If you think that you might need to upgrade electrical wiring in Back Bay and the surrounding region, make sure to contact a reputable electrician right away. It is important to replace bad electrical outlets, wiring, and make other essential upgrades to prevent shock, fires, and other related types of damage.

Sign #1 – Outlets That are Not Grounded
Look around your home. Are your outlets two or three-pronged? If your outlets are three-pronged, then the chances are good that your home is properly grounded. If your outlets are a mixture of two and three-pronged receptacles, then you may or may not be properly grounded. However, if your home only has two-pronged outlets, then it is very likely that you will need to replace the bad electrical outlets throughout your home and upgrade the electrical wiring in Back Bay or wherever your home is located.

While some homeowners may contact a professional electrician to upgrade two-pronged outlets to GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupt) outlets, which can provide greater protection from electrical shock than standard outlets, this will not adequately protect your appliances. The only sure way to protect from electrocution and keep your appliances safe from current surges is to run dedicated grounded lines or upgrade electrical wiring in Back Bay to ensure that the home is safely grounded. Call M. Foley Electric for more information on upgrading from two to three-pronged outlets and outdated wiring situations.

Sign #2 – Cracked Outlet Covers
Another way to determine whether your outlets need to be replaced is to check your home for outlet covers that are cracked, burned, or discolored in any way. This can indicate that the connections underneath have been overheating. If you see this anywhere in your home, make sure to contact a licensed electrician to provide you with an inspection and appropriate maintenance and repair services. The outlet will likely need to be replaced, as you should replace all bad electrical outlets. However, there could be other issues at work. If there are cracks in the face plate of the outlet, the wires underneath could be exposed, which can make it dangerous to use the outlet until it is repaired.

Sign #3 – Plug is Loose
If you plug things in and then notice that the plug has fallen out or is loose, it could be a sign of a serious situation at work. While most people have experienced this at some time or another, a majority are just not aware of the dangers that it can signify. Over time, the outlets can wear out, especially in an area where there is a lot of activity, plugging in and unplugging appliances and devices. Phone chargers, small kitchen appliances, hair dryers, and other things that we use and put away frequently can damage outlets over time. While you won’t necessarily need to completely upgrade electrical wiring in Back Bay or other Greater Boston areas, it is a good idea to hire an electrician to replace bad electrical outlets.

The reason why loose plugs are so dangerous is that the loose connection can cause arcing, which is an electrical fire hazard. Preventive maintenance and repair services for electrical outlets, particularly those in high traffic areas, should be performed regularly, based on the age of your home and other residential or commercial building renovations that have been done. If you aren’t sure if you are due for an inspection or have questions about the performance of an outlet, fixture, or another type of electrical element, contact our team at M. Foley Electric. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians can answer your questions and help you with any services that you might require.

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