Ready to Upgrade Your Greater Boston Voice and Data Systems?

Greater Boston voice and data system installationAs a business owner, there are many different types of system upgrades that you will likely want to avoid for as long as possible. One of those will likely involve the upgrade of office telecom systems in Boston and the surrounding area. However, if you are becoming increasingly frustrated with your current situation, it might be time to make a move to the latest technology for voice and data with brand new Greater Boston voice and data systems. M. Foley Electric can help you with a wide range of professional telecommunications electrical work to get your office up-to-date with the latest options for voice and data. Whether you are in an older building that has outdated wires and jacks or if you are ready to take your existing system to the next level, it pays to work with an experienced technician who can take care of any work related to telephone and data communications.

Old Technology Should Be Replaced ASAP

If you have antiquated technology working behind the scenes at your office, you’ll never be able to keep up with your competitors, let alone take the lead in your industry. If you are using an outdated telephone system, you’ll never be considered a technology innovator, no matter how hard you try. Lost calls, crackling lines, poor performance in the call center, or difficulty connecting to the proper line are just some examples of issues related to outdated Boston voice and data systems.

Your voice mail system can cause frustrations for customers or prevent orders from prospective clients. No one wants to get stuck in an endless loop of voice mail options and waste time when they could be doing other things. Make sure your customers can reach a real human with just a few selection options to route the call to avoid losing sales. With a more modern telephone system, you can connect your team members to customers, clients, and colleagues in minutes no matter where they are in the building or even if they are off-site at another location.

One System for Every Location

If you have multiple offices, stores, or business locations, every facility should be using the same system for best results. When you have the latest technology for voice and data, there’s no reason to allow other managers or branches to rely on outdated systems. Upgrade office telecom systems in Boston so that all of your offices are on the same program. This will help to reduce confusion, not just for staff, but also for customers, clients, vendors, and others who wish to contact someone within your corporate structure.

Having compatible technology is just as important for your Greater Boston voice and data systems as it is for computers and networks. If you have multiple locations, every location should be on the same system. M. Foley Electric can assist with the telecommunications electrical work for installation, and your IT staff can use an advanced system to manage every location remotely to better meet the needs of your organization. You can even have your voice and data systems managed by a professional IT service to save time and money.

Fully Operational – No Matter What

It is essential to have a phone system that can grow to meet your business needs. As you expand your reach, increase your customer base, and change the way that you conduct business, it is important to have the latest technology for voice and data. A scalable phone system can be beneficial, whether you are expanding to new locations or just growing to fill out space at your existing office. If you are still working with an operator-based system, it’s time to step into the future and get a system that is fully operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even during lunch breaks and after hours.

Other benefits can also come from deciding to upgrade office telecom systems in Boston and the surrounding area. Today’s modern systems have lots of great features that are easy to use and provide opportunities to improve communications in the office and with customers, clients, vendors, and business associates. Teleconferencing, networking, inter-office communications, or the ability to handle an increased call volume are just some of the ways your new Boston voice and data systems can help you to expand your capabilities. M. Foley Electric can help get things started with professional telecommunications electrical work and installation.

Highly Trained & Experienced Technicians

When you hire our team to provide you with the latest technology for voice and data, you will get technicians who have the proper training, many years of experience, and knowledge of the latest technology for voice and data. Proper installation is critical to the success of your new telephone and data lines, so it pays to hire a reputable contractor who can take care of any work related to your new system. Our team is trained, licensed, certified, and insured to provide advanced professional services. Give us a call at 857-829-0516 to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our agents about your electrical needs.