Commercial Fire Alarm Installations in the Greater Boston Area

boston commercial fire alarm installationsThere are many reasons to install a commercial fire alarm in Boston at your commercial business. Retail stores, shopping malls, outlets, office complexes, service providers, restaurants, coffee shops, and so many other commercial enterprises can benefit significantly from professional fire alarm installations. Commercial property owners should install Greater Boston fire alarms to keep employees and business property safe from fire, smoke damage, and potential injury. If you haven’t decided to install fire alarms for Boston area businesses, make sure to keep reading. Not only will you protect your interests and decrease the risk of liability, but it will also help you to save money on your business insurance premium.

Prevent Property Damage and Loss

Perhaps the number one reason why business owners choose to install Greater Boston fire alarms is to prevent a major fire from happening in the first place. A commercial-grade fire alarm system can detect even the smallest amount of smoke, providing more time for you and the local fire department to respond. Smoke damage can be devastating to any business but in particular, a retail clothing store or another product provider. In many cases, the entire stockroom must be discarded and written off as a loss, even with minimal smoke damage. The sooner you can be alerted to an issue, the faster you’ll be able to do something about it and reduce the amount of damage or loss to your business.

Professional fire alarm installations can also work to stop the spread of fire throughout the structure. Advanced features can be included, such as auto-closing doors, to keep the fire sequestered in a single area, to prevent further damage to your business. Other features, including illuminated exits to decrease smoke inhalation and other injuries to staff, customers, and other visitors, and high-tech sprinkler systems, are also very valuable. At M. Foley Electric, we believe that the installation of a commercial fire alarm in Boston and the surrounding area is one of the most essential commercial electrical services that we provide to our clients. We offer a wide range of fire alarm installations services to help you protect your business.

Round the Clock Protection

Another huge advantage of installing Greater Boston fire alarms in commercial buildings is that they offer 24-hour protection, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A commercial fire alarm in Boston works nights, weekends, and even holidays. It doesn’t take off sick days and never needs a vacation. When installed properly by a trusted and experienced electrician, you can count on your commercial fire alarm to protect your business even when you aren’t there. General fire alarms will only sound an alert, which can be helpful when you are at the office or commercial business space. However, if it happens after hours, you have to hope that the shopping plaza or business complex security staff or maintenance crew can hear the alarm and contact the local fire department in time to prevent a total loss.

When you install fire alarms for Boston area commercial businesses, you have the option to access the alarm system remotely to check for any alerts. This can give business owners and commercial property owners peace of mind in knowing that the fire alarm system will automatically contact the fire department in case of an emergency. A professionally installed fire alarm system can also offer an early alert to employees, helping them to get themselves, customers, and other visitors to your business out safely. They don’t need to worry about contacting the fire department, as your commercial fire alarm in Boston will do it for them. All they need to do is get everyone outside and wait for help to arrive.

M. Foley Electrical: What We Do

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is licensed and certified to work with the installation and ongoing maintenance of commercial fire alarms in Boston and the surrounding area. We can help you to set-up, test, inspect, repair, and maintain your fire alarm installations to ensure that they provide comprehensive protection for your commercial structure, business complex, or industrial facility. Our technicians will work with you to find solutions that meet all of your immediate needs and industry regulatory requirements. We can also troubleshoot any electrical issues that might pose a potential fire hazard, such as extra-low voltage single path circuits or local area networks (LAN) for businesses.

Whether you require a new installation or want to upgrade existing Greater Boston fire alarms, M. Foley Electrical can help you to achieve your goals. We can offer preventive maintenance programs and documentation to assist with regulatory compliance. We offer a full range of electrical services to help you get the latest high-tech system installed or make sure that your existing commercial fire alarm is fully operational. Just contact our team by calling 857-829-0516 and speak with one of our licensed and experienced technicians about your needs. We can schedule an appointment to come to your place of business to provide a complete estimate for our services and answer any questions you might have about how to install fire alarms in Boston area businesses.