Call a Professional for Back Bay Christmas Lights Installation

back bay christmas lights installations‘Tis the season to deck the halls and show your holiday spirit by stringing lights for all the neighbors to see. What better place to install holiday lights in Boston than the historic Back Bay neighborhood? Residential and commercial properties can both benefit from professional Christmas lights installations that are guaranteed to impress, ensuring a safe and quality custom design. While we are known as a reputable electrical service company, serving the Greater Boston area, M. Foley Electrical also offers seasonal opportunities that many of our clients take advantage of each year.

Why Hire a Pro?

You might think that hanging Greater Boston Christmas lights is something so easy that you could do it yourself in an afternoon. While that may be true, there are many cases each year of homeowners and business owners who fall off ladders trying to perform Christmas lights installations themselves. They also inadvertently overload circuits as they plug in multiple strings into a single outlet, putting their property at risk for a fire. When it comes to protecting your commercial property or safeguarding your home, you can count on M. Foley Electrical to help you achieve your goals safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Whether you want an extravagant display that will raise the bar for the neighborhood or if you just want something simple to highlight the beautiful architecture of the building, our team can help. We take care of all the wires and cords, install the lights with the proper wattage in mind, and prevent any blown fuses. We can even set your lights on a timer so they will come on at the appropriate time when the sun sets each day. This is an excellent service for our commercial clients, but it is also very popular with our residential clients who want to give their holiday display a little something extra with a professional Back Bay Christmas lights installation.

Higher Quality Lights

Another reason to hire a professional for Christmas lights installations is that you can use commercial-grade LED lighting instead of the consumer-grade products at the local store. Even smaller displays will be brighter, merrier, and attract more attention when they are created with commercial LED lights. There are many advantages to using higher quality lights, including lower electrical consumption, which can translate into smaller holiday bills. Commercial-grade LED lights use as much as 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lighting. This can be a huge bonus for property owners who want to celebrate the season without significantly increasing their carbon footprint.

Hiring M. Foley Electrical to install your Greater Boston Christmas lights can also help to decrease your liabilities and, in turn, your insurance premium. There are two factors that contribute to this potential savings: one, reducing risk by keeping employees off of ladders when installing lights for your commercial business (or yourself, if installing on a residential property); and two, reducing risk by ensuring that your Christmas lights installations are done correctly and won’t cause a fire due to overloaded circuits. You also save time and money by having someone else do it. You won’t need any additional tools or equipment and won’t have to spend hours unwinding strings of lights and hoping that you measured the length accurately to reach all the way across the front of the structure.

Year-Round Electrical Protection

You can count on our team of highly trained and experienced electricians to provide you with top-quality services throughout the year. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners in the Greater Boston area, offering a wide range of services for remodeling and renovation work, emergency repairs, preventive maintenance, and annual inspections. We can troubleshoot any issue and find solutions designed to help you make significant improvements in the electrical opportunities throughout your home or business. Protect your real estate investment when you hire M. Foley Electrical to take care of all your electrical servicing needs.

If you are interested in learning more about professional electrical services for Christmas lights installations, give us a call. We can offer pricing and other information about details regarding Back Bay Christmas lights installation services and help you to get the look you want this holiday season. If you are interested in other electrical services outside of Greater Boston Christmas lights, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Just give us a call at 857-829-0516 and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents about your needs. We will come to your property, offer a FREE estimate, and help you to maintain a safe and efficient electrical system in your home or commercial property.