Boston Commercial Electrical Services: Retail System Upgrades

retail system upgrade Greater Boston areaThe retail industry has many technology requirements that it did not have just a few years ago. As a result, many modern businesses require electrical system upgrades through professional Boston commercial electrical services when they move into a new commercial building. Greater Boston electrical installation is essential for existing structures and new construction to meet the needs of property owners and tenants alike. It is crucial to work with a provider that can ensure quality results for installations, renovation and remodeling electrical systems. Finding the right service can be a bit of a challenge, so it pays to do your homework and find a licensed and insured company that has the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to meet all of your electrical system requirements.

Commercial Electrical Services

M. Foley Electric provides a wide range of commercial electrical services for clients in the Greater Boston area. We have experience working with brand new construction, renovation of existing structures, custom fit-outs for high-tech tenants, and just about everything else in between. As a contractor that focuses on offering quality Boston commercial electrical services, we provide our clients with a variety of essential and specialized services. Greater Boston electrical installation for new technology, electrical system upgrades, as well as additions, renovation and remodeling of electrical wiring, are just some of the work that we do regularly.

Our team can work directly with the property owner or general contractor to develop custom Boston commercial electrical services that will yield the desired results. We can also work with property managers and tenants to help them to achieve their goals while communicating with property owners to ensure that all specifications and requirements are met across the board. We have many years of experience working with commercial and industrial projects and the knowledge that we have obtained while serving clients across many diverse industries has helped us to expand our offerings and meet the growing needs and evolving demands of our clients.

Many Types of Properties

Some of the clients that we have served include strip malls, mini-malls, and major shopping centers. We have also worked with educational facilities and industrial complexes. Our work with retail outlets, shopping malls, office buildings, and stand-alone business properties throughout the Greater Boston area has ensured that our team is highly trained and experienced in the latest technologies, methods, equipment, and industry requirements. We have worked for clients in North Shore, South Shore, Wellesley, Watertown, Newton, and other locations throughout the Greater Boston area.

One of the areas where we are incredibly specialized is in telephone and data technology. Our Greater Boston commercial electrical services can keep your business up-to-date with the very latest technologies for voice and data, offering electrical system upgrades for older properties and installation of additional lines, jacks, and other essential elements. Many of our clients are delighted to discover that they can upgrade older buildings through the services provided by our experienced crew, adding new telephone and data systems that are crucial to the continued success of their business. Proper installation is necessary to ensure that all essential systems are working effectively and efficiently to provide the best return on investment.

Safety and Security Services

Our clients rely on M. Foley Electric to provide top quality electrical system upgrades, particularly when it comes to safety and security services. Renovation and remodeling electrical work often includes services for fire protection, security video cameras, and other necessary Greater Boston electrical installation to increase the safety and security of the property and all of those who work or do business inside. Our team can help clients to set-up, test, inspect, repair, and maintain fire protection systems for many different types of retail structures. All of our technicians are fully licensed, trained, and certified to find solutions for electrical problems that could pose a potential fire hazard.

Some of the troubleshooting issues that we provide include inspection of extra-low voltage single path circuits, frequency-dependent circuits, electrotechnology components, and local area networks (LAN) for businesses. We can assist with both new designs and existing installations, offer services for a wide range of systems, and preventive maintenance and documentation to ensure regulatory compliance. Security cameras and systems can be installed for retail customers. We also offer services related to the upkeep of cameras, can provide high-tech solutions and low-tech cost-savings options, depending on your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our security camera installation services, make sure to speak with a representative.

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